Sunday, August 7, 2016

Farhad Azima CEO of Aviation Leasing Group - Exposed Again

Farhad Azima was born in 1941. Currently he lives in Kansas City.  Farhad Azima is chairman  for Aviation Leasing Group (ALG).

Farhad Azima found in America’s major scandal, the Iran contra affairs and Panama papers. Farhad is Iranian Born and made a career of renting and leasing airplanes. An interesting twist came in his career when he found in the panama papers scandal. “He had no idea about this. He had nothing to do with Panama, said- Farhad Azima.” He said that he was investigated by every known agency in United States but they didn’t find anything wrong there finally they decided there was absolutely nothing there. It was just a wild goose chase.

But I don’t think it was just a wild goose chase because including Farhad Azima there are some other personalities who have links to intelligence agencies also found in this scandal.
This is his new scam in involvement with some big personality’s including his close associates like Ray Adams & Dr. Khater Massaad.



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